Recruitment Notice of School of Archaeology, Jilin University in 2021

Date:2021-03-18    Times:

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Interim Measures for the Management of Newly-Employed Personnel of Jilin University (Revision)" and the requirements of the "Notice on the Adjustment of Relevant Policies for Newly-Employed Personnel of the School" and the "Notice on Issuing the 2021 Personnel Supplementary Plan", combined with the actual work needs of the school, in order to further improve the quality of talent team construction, the School of Archaeology of Jilin University plans to openly recruit 3 lecturers from the society in 2021. The relevant matters are now announced as follows.

1. Recruitment subject area

Pre-Qin archaeology, historical archaeology, foreign archaeology, scientific and technological archaeology, cultural heritage and museology, paleography and archaeology related disciplines.

2. Recruitment types and conditions

In accordance with the school’s existing regular teacher selection policy, the college publicly recruits post-doctoral staff and outstanding doctoral graduates who meet the following conditions:

(1) Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, have a firm political stand, adhere to guidelines and policies, and be dedicated to work. Have good professional ethics and the ability to perform job duties;

(2) Must have relevant background in the recruitment major, have a postgraduate degree, and have obtained a doctorate; fresh graduates should graduate and obtain a corresponding degree before September 30, 2021.

(3) Possess strong scientific research and teaching ability, including good language expression ability, comprehensive writing ability and foreign language proficiency;

(4) Applicants should meet the scientific research performance requirements for the position of associate professor in the School of Archaeology.

3. The relevant treatment shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of Jilin University.

4. Application materials

(1)Personal resume: including the applicant's basic information, study and work experience, awards, participation in teaching and scientific research.

(2)Full text and search page of published scientific research papers (or provide supporting materials)

(3)Relevant certificates: including ID cards, academic (degree) certificates, transcripts, PDF scans or copies of award certificates (the inspection time of the original materials submitted will be notified separately, and the copies will not be returned).

5. Registration and contact information

Applicants who meet the above registration qualifications and conditions should send the application form and application materials to the email: or to the Teaching and Teachers Office of the School of Archaeology of Jilin University (Room 102, Administration Building) before April 10, 2021. The specific assessment time and method will be notified separately.

6. Relevant policies for university employment

Regular teachers are recruited according to their positions.For the selection of lecturer positions, the applicants shall meet the standards of the employing unit for the evaluation of associate professors of the corresponding types of teachers.The school signs an employment contract with the hired teacher for a term of 3 years, and the school can continue to hire the teacher if the first appointment period is qualified or above;At the end of the two employment periods, if the assessment results are excellent, or are promoted to a higher professional and technical position, the school signs a long-term employment contract with him/her.

7. Discipline and supervision

(1)In accordance with the requirements of "Public Institution Personnel Management Avoidance Regulations", "Opinions of Jilin University on Further Strengthening the Construction of Work Avoidance System" and other requirements, the avoidance system is strictly implemented.

(2)Applicants must fill in and provide relevant materials truthfully. If any violations of regulations, disciplines and laws and false materials, etc. are found, the application procedures or the employment will be terminated once it is verified.If the person to be hired has not obtained the corresponding academic degree before the required registration and entry date, he/she cannot be hired.

(3)In the recruitment process, if there are acts of falsification, cheating for personal gains, etc., once verified, the school will call to account of the specific responsible person and cancel the qualification of the hired personnel.

8. Epidemic prevention notices for candidates

(1)Applicants should strictly implement the various epidemic prevention regulations of the Changchun city.Candidates participating in the trial and interview phases need to show the Jilin Province Health Code "Jixiang Ma" (green code) and communication itinerary card (green code) to the relevant staff through their mobile phones ( no travel records in overseas, medium and high risk areas and epidemic areas under strict control in Changchun within 14 days) and "Entry Permit for Non-residents of Jilin University" (sent by e-mail after passing the online qualification examination, the electronic version needs to be stored in the mobile phone and printed by yourself, and presented at the school gate).Candidates must also bring a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 7 days and a "Health Commitment" (see attachment, please print it out and sign it yourself).

(2)Candidates need to bring their own masks, and wear masks throughout the test.

(3)Before applying for a job, you should minimize going out and avoid going to areas where the disease is prevalent and crowded public places. Those who have the following conditions are not allowed to participate:

①On the day of the exam, the body temperature was higher than 37.3℃.

②Come from key areas of the current epidemic or have a history of residence in the above areas

③Persons who are undergoing home medical observation or have been released from home medical observation according to the requirements of the local disease control department, community or unit, but have not confirmed that the nucleic acid test result is negative;

④Those who have had contact with overseas personnel, personnel in key areas of the current epidemic, and home medical observation personnel within 7 days, and those who have not confirmed the negative nucleic acid test results;

⑤Within 7 days, the Jixiang Ma and itinerary card show a non-green code, and the person whose nucleic acid test result is not clear;

⑥Those who have had fever, dry cough, diarrhea, fatigue, conjunctival congestion and other uncomfortable symptoms within 7 days

⑦Candidates who are confirmed cases of Covid-19, asymptomatic infections, suspected patients, close contacts of confirmed cases, or cases cured under 14 days, or patients with fever who cannot be ruled out of infection, are not allowed to participate in this examination.If the screening finds that there are activities in overseas or non-low-risk areas within the 14 days before the test, it will be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Changchun  Government and schools on epidemic prevention and control.

(4)Applicants should consciously implement the above regulations and report their physical condition and travel conditions truthfully. If any concealment is not reported or serious consequences are caused, the applicant shall bear the corresponding responsibility

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