Lv Jun

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Brief Introduction: Prof. Lv joined Jilin University in 1986. She is currently a professor at the School of Archaeology of Jilin University and the dean of the Department of Museum Studies. She studies cultural heritage and museums, cultural relics research, museum collection management research, etc. Her representative works include “Collection Management”, “Introduction to Museology” (part of the key textbook chapters in the “Ma Project”), “Selection of ‘Top Ten National Museum Exhibitions’ Improvement of Standards”, “From the 14th Museum’s Top Ten Exquisite Exhibitions to See the Track of the Improvement of the Exhibition and Exhibition Level of China’s Museums”, “Types and Regional Distribution of the Entry Items of the ‘Top Ten Exhibited Exhibits’ in Previous Museums”, “Museum Collection Management Institutional Setup Research on the Reform Process-From the Perspective of 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up”. She has also undertaken several important research projects.