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1. Training Objectives

The earlier established Cultural Relics and Museology Major has profound background and rich experience. The program is committed to cultivate professional students with systematic theoretical knowledge, a wide range of professional skills, and innovative ability. These students will be well-adapted to cultural relics management, teaching and research in museums, related administrative departments, customs, public security, scientific research institutions, cultural relics and artwork operation, and other related departments.


2. Academic Competence

The teaching centres around the basic theories of cultural relics, museology, archaeology and other disciplines. Students will also get trained in archaeology, cultural relics protection, museum display, exhibition planning and operation, foreign services, policies and regulations, and raise teamwork awareness. The school is dedicated to equip students with basic qualities and main skills in order to be able to contribute to the main business and management of the museum, heritage protection, and cultural relic law enforcement.


3. Core Courses

Basic theoretical courses: Introduction to Cultural Relics, Introduction to Museology, Introduction to Cultural Heritage, Museum Education, Collection Management, Museum Display and Design, General Archaeology, Appreciation of Cultural Relics, etc.

Practical teaching course: Museum internship.


4. Advantages and Characteristics

Advantages: European and American museum history, museum collection management, museum public research, cultural relics research, archaeological foundations.

Featured areas: museum curation.


5. Length of Study

Four years.


6. Degree

Bachelor of History.

July 6, 2020•In the launching ceremony of the first "Liangzhu Culture Week" in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the Jilin University Cultural Museum Practice Teaching Base was officially opened

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