Lecture Series on World Archaeology(10)

Date:2022-06-15    Times:

Title: Problems of Siberian Archaeology

Speaker: Drozdov Nikolay Ivanovich

Brief Introduction:

     Meritorious scientist of the Russian Federation,  corresponding academician.  Professor of the School of Humanities of the Siberian Federal University, Director of the Center of Siberian Archaeology and Paleogeography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Siberian Branch of the International University of Innovation, Russia.

      Professor Drozdov is a senior expert on Stone Age archaeology and paleoecology in northern Asia.He led the excavation and study of several archaeological sites in Siberia: Kamenny Log, Razlog-1, Listvenka, Afontova Gora, Ust-Kova, etc. He has published more than 300 academic papers and 7 monographs. His representative works include "Stages of the Stone Age in Central Siberia", "Geomorphology and Quaternary Sediments in the Geoarchaeological region of Northern Kurtak in the Minushinsk Basin" and "Yenisei Paleolithic Age".

Time: 2022.06.20(Monday), 14:00-16:00

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